What causes low potassium?

Medications. Not enough potassium in your diet, urinar losses in potassium, medications, certain endocrine disease.
Causes of low potass. Vomiting, diarrhea, fever, some water pills or diuretics (Furosemide or lasix, (furosemide) hydrochlorothiazide or hctz, bumethamide or bumex) other medicines (bronchodilator sprays), dialysis, poor diet are among the most common. Kidney diseases, adrenal gland diseases.
Low k causes. What causes low K? ANS: 1. not eating enough K 2. losing K in Vomiting 3. losing K in diarrhea 4. losing K in Sweat 5. having too much aldosterone in blood from Conn's syndrome which I specialize in. 6. inherited periodic paralysis Can help quickly with 2nd opinion. Anytime live.

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What causes low potassium? What are the symptoms of low potassium?

Diuretic. Cramps. Left alone, the body does an incredible job of keeping salts & minerals in balance despite our varied diet. Therefore, low potassium is usually caused by a water pill or diuretic. Symptoms range from nothing to muscle cramps to heart rhythm problems. Check w/your doc to monitor your level if you're concerned. It's a simple blood test.
Dehydration. Hyperaldosteronism...Cramps are most common symptoms and rarely arrhythmia.
Low potassium. There are many causes of a low blood potassium level. It can be caused by vomiting, diarrhea, diuretic use, antibiotics such as penicillin, low magnesium blood levels, increased sweating and hyperaldosteronism or conn's syndrome. See your physician to arrive the correct diagnosis in your case.
Where do we begin? Barrter's/gittleman's/liddle's, vomiting/diarrhea/sweating, medications (diuretics, antibiotics), low magnesium levels, s.A.M.E and natural licorice (not the red american kind), etc. Are causes with mediations and vomiting/diarrhea being the most common. Common symptoms are muscle cramping, constipation, fatigue, and rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown).

What causes low potassium levels? Could this cause me to nearly pass out every time I sit up?

Balance, vital. Low potassium can cause fatal abnormalities in heart rhythm resulting in cardiac arrest. It can cause severe muscle weakness, abnormalities in kidney function, slowing of bowel movement etc. Symptoms of low potassium depends of the level, rate of reduction and duration. Low levels could be due to increased loss in the urine or diarrhea. Rarely due to low intake or shifts in blood.

What can cause sudden dangerously low potassium, hypokalemia, causing me to collapse and nearly die? What tests do I need?

Periodic paralysis? T. This sounds to me like hypokalemic periodic paralysis. I've seen good physicians miss this. Please read up on it, see if this fits you, talk with your physicians, see if a diagnosis can be made, if it can, discuss the implications with your family.
Low K. 55 F asks what can cause sudden dangerous low K? I collapsed and nearly died. ANS: Many things & can't detail here. But at ur age & having given no other information (people must think we can read minds here-NOT) suspect taking diuretic 4 HTN or edema, severe vomiting diarrhea sweating, GI tumor, or adrenal tumor making 2 much aldosterone. I specialize in this. Consult me!

What could cause my low potassium levels?

Need a workup. Reference ranges are set so that a few percent of healthies fall outside on either end. If very low, it's time you get checked for a reason -- hyperaldosteronism gets missed a lot. I'm assuming you're not on meds. One little-known cause is eating lots of licorice. Best wishes.

What causes Iron Deficency 10, Low Potassium 3.0, and Vitamin D Deficency 24....?

Abnormalities. Low blood iron levels are usually due to loss of blood rather than dietary deficiencies. In women past or present menstrual bleeding is the commonest cause. Low potassium, if not due to diuretic medications or steroids, may occur with vomiting or diarrhea, and less likely rare glandular problems. Low vit D is due to low calcium intake and lack of Sun exposure. YOur physician knows you best, however.

What are the causes of low potassium, high blood pressure and palpitations?

Suspect hyperaldo. High blood pressure with low blood potassium levels brings the potential diagnosis of elevated aldosterone level (hyperaldosteronism) as a possibility. There may be other reasons- for example if you are taking a BP medication that may cause low potassium levels but your BP is still elevated. This finding requires a proper medical evaluation and lab analysis.

What causes chronically low blood potassium levels?

Few mechanisms. 1. Low intake in food 2. Loss in secretions- urine, gastrointestinal-vomitus and stool, sweat 3.Increased traslocation of k in to the cells in certain conditions eg. Insulin excess, mineralocorticoid (aldosterone - a hormone secreted by adrenal gld.) excess are associated with low potassium. There is a genetically acquired condition called periodic hypokalemic syndrome characterized by low k level.
Causes of low K? many causes. Most common diuretics for HIGH BP. Many causes of high BP are also associated with low K. See your team or consult with me for second opinion.

What can cause low blood potassium and high potassium in urine? No diuretic taking.

Varies. Diuretics are very common. Any other medication? Nephroparhy with potassium loss. Some adrenal issues. Need full history and exams and imaging.
Causes of low K? many causes. Most common diuretics for HIGH BP. Many causes of high BP are also associated with low K. See your team or consult with me for second opinion.