After a week of taking ciproflaxacin as prescribed by doctor, here is my urine results; RBC 16-25, WBC 1 - 2, bacteria few, mucus threads few, transparency: slightly hazy, color: light yellow, protein: negative. Please tell me why it is still have RBC I

Need to see urologist. You need additional work up besides radiological work up , , cell block ( checking urine for malignant cells) and cystoscopy ( look into bladder ) See a urologist.
Recheck in 3 weeks. It's possible for RBC to still show in urine 1 week after treatment for cystitis even if the infection is gone. The inflammation caused by the infection may still be in the healing process. Recheck the U/A in 3-4 weeks if your physician is concerned.
Assuming no cycle. You may have irriation of the bladder wall and or urethra. Please have urine rechecked withi 7-10 days. PLease abstain from any and all sexual activity until cleared by your physician.