What is the fastest way to loose weight?

Fastest. Fastest way to lose weight is not to eat and drink water. But, that would work for only a few days, and when you start eating, you would gain the weight back very fast. The real question is about changing your eating and exercise habits "permanently". This is the best method. Losing weight very fast usually ends up with a patient having difficulty maintaining the loss and becoming more depressed.
Diet and exercise. The goal is to burn more calories than you consume. Watch your diet; eliminate junk food and don't over-eat. Consider liquids as well; soda, alcohol, etc. Contains lots of calories. Exercise multiple times a week. If you find an activity you really enjoy you'll be more likely to engage in that activity. Avoid fad diets that could prevent you from getting adequate nutrition. Make healthy choices!

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Hello, im looking to loose up to 40 pounds in about 3weeks or a little more because im going on vacation, what is the fastest way to loose weight?

To much in 3:weeks. Sorry, but to lose 40 pounds in 2:weeks is not safe. What I can recommend is tu reduce carbo, sugar, increase excescise, drink plenty water, eat small amount 4 to 5 times per day. If you are female reduce calories between 1200 to 1300, male between 1400 to 1500 per day. Go to your pcp and found causes, any general medical condition, metabolic abnormalities, etc.....
Do not. Losing weight quickly is not healthy. Stored toxins in fat are released quickly and can make you feel sick. Simple sugars and processed carbs should be avoided or limited. This includes any flour product. The fine grind makes absorption quick, and spikes your blood sugar which increases Insulin and promotes weight gain. Good fats such as olive oil and coconut oil are fine in sensible amounts.

What is the fastest way to loose weight and gain muscles? Best regard.

Have a Plan. 27 y/o male asks What is the fastest way to loose weight and gain muscles. Implied is that the desired weight loss is Fat which is best dealt with by limiting fat intake to about 20%, protein to about 30% and Good Carbs, not processed white sugar products to about 50%. Aerobics & Controlled Muscle Building exercise. All done slowly and deliberately. Fastest does not usually last. Have a plan.

What exactly is the fastest way to loose weight?

"Fast" isn't the key. Take charge your entire life. Especially, find a fitness activity that you enjoy and a group of people that you like and who'll do it with you. Push yourself and you'll win their respect and friendship. They'll guide you and you'll enjoy this more than greasy / sugary / salty food. Your brain will reset from hard exercise and guide you reliably about eating right for your body.

What's the fastest way to loose weight?

Quick weight loss. Any quick weight loss tends to be followed by weight gain. The best solution for weight loss is a long term change in diet. However there are some quick ways to jump start your weight loss such as fasting or cleansing. Raw foods only for 3-5 days, the 17 day diet, and the master cleanse to name a few.