Hi there I frequently suffer from Diverticulitis attacks, I have been ok for the last 4 months since I had a major attack and was in hospital for 3 days back in late November last year, a couple of days ago I went to a friends place and got carried away

Diverticulitis. You should see a surgeon who can evaluate the extent of disease with your sigmoid colon. If you have had more than two attacks, it's time to have that part of your colon removed. Repeated attacks of diverticulitis can cause an obstruction or involve other nearby structures. .
PREVENTION. You need to be on a special diet with high fiber and stay on the diet You have these pouches in colon and if these pouches become inflamed or infected that is diverticulitis You need to go o high fiber diet,like vegetables ,whole grains,legumes,whole grains Mild cases of diverticulitis are treated with Antibiotics and get better if worse needs IVFLUIDS&hospitalisation and sometimes need surgery.