What are the causes of pins and needles leg pain from thigh to ankle in both legs?

Low back trouble. Could be a lower back problem setting off the nerve to the area.
Back problems. It sounds like a neurological problem either from the spine and or from a peripheral neuropathy. Many medical conditions effect the lower legs such as diabetes, thyroid, alcohol, anemias and vitamin deficiences.

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My wife is saying that her left arm and left leg going numb, like pins and needles is this cause for worry?

Rule out stroke. Worst case scenario: it could be a stroke. Good news: if it is a stroke, and you get her to the ER in time, we may be able to actually do something to optimize chances for complete recovery. This depends on the type of stroke, and how quickly she gets seen by a physician. It may not be a stroke at all. It coud be a migraine or TIA. In any case she needs to be seen. Best wishes to you and her. Read more...
Maybe. See doc. If this is an acute problem and she has never had it before she should have it evaluated urgently for stroke. However if her symptoms have been present for more than a few days and are not progressing, she should see her doc within a week or so. Read more...