Which weight loss and muscle building supplements work best?

Eat naturally. Supplements are more of gimmicks. You can get good nutrious elements from our diet provided they are healthful. Reduce your fat intake by cutting on full fat dairy and red meats. You can get good amounts of proteins from eggs, soy products(like toffu), fish, low fat milk and nonfat yogurt. Eat ample amounts of nuts and seeds as a source of proteins and good fats.

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What are the best weight loss and muscle building supplements available?

None. There are no supplements that have been truly proven to promote weight loss or muscle strength, no matter what they claim in their advertising or label. None of these supplements are regulated by the fda, so none have randomized studies that prove that they work. To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in. There is no way around that law of physics. Read more...