What do doctors think is the top pain killer for a herniated disk in the spine?

Meds for spinal pain. First line for pain should be nsaid's i'd you tolerate them. Aleve is more convenient as it is twice daily, but Ibuprofen is fine if taken 4x daily. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is also good for pain, but not an anti-inflammatory. Next for sciatic/nerve pain would be lyrica/neurontin--both nonaddictive. Elavil, Cymbalta also good options especially if trouble sleeping. Narcotics only short time for severe/acute pain.
Pain medicine. Pain medication must be prescribed accordingly and judiciously with clinical justification.
Anti-inflammatories. Depending on the severity of pain. In severe cases, a short course of steroids may be indicated. Otherwise, any of the non- steroidal anti- inflammatories can help. If you cannot take these, a steroid injection may be helpful. Physical therapy can help take pressure off the disc and strengthen your core.