My son is 2 months old not taking breast feed. Used to pump n give him through bottle. I haven't pumped from past almost 1 month, will milk come in now?

May not. Unfortunately, milk production is a case of supply and demand. If you have not been pumping for the past one month and try to do so now you may not notice much improvement. There is some evidence that fenugreek (methi) may help improve milk production. In my experience though the milk produced after fenugreek consumption may produce gas and stomach upset in the infant.
Maybe. It is much easier to suckle from a bottle than from a breast so babies get accustomed to not having to work so hard and tend not to want to eat from the breast.If u haven't emptied your breast for almost 1 month and your milk has dried up it may be hard to get it started again but there r reports of adoptive moms breast feeding with lots of breast stimulation and women can lactate due to partner.
Breastmilk. If you want your baby to have breastmilk again, you'll need to pump both breasts many times a day to stimulate milk production. Pump every 2-3 hours, 10-15 minutes per breast, and you will most likely be able to give your baby breastmilk. A double electric pump would be best for the job. Good luck!