My front bottom teeth are crocked, pushed in. One has a cavity. My last top molars are pushed outward and sideways (not wisdom teeth). What do I do?

Invisalign or ortho. See your dentist for a full evaluation. They'll take X-rays , do a thorough exam and place fillings in teeth that need it. Invisalign is a great tool for crooked teeth and is very good at correcting them in a reasonably short period of time. See a dentist in your area that offers Invisalign and if it looks difficult they may refer you to an orthodontist. Best of luck!
2 wonderful things. Make 2 simultaneous appointments. 1) Call a General Dentist to schedule an examination, cleaning, and the appointments necessary to restore your cavities (eliminate infection. 2). Also call an Orthodontic Specialist to schedule an initial examination (usually free) to discuss a path to a beautiful straight smile. The GP & the Orthodontist will coordinate treatment for a wonderful result.