Neck lymph nodes extremely swollen and hurt with palpation. No other symptoms. Occurred a few days after performing oral sex. Is this hiv? A std?

Diagnosis not known. The swollen cervical lymph nodes may or may not be related to oral sex. There is no way to diagnose with available information. If you had unprotected or high risk sex - recommend STD work up.
STD? Difficult to tell without a thorough exam & workup. Visit your PCP or Ob/Gyn. For more answers. Wish you well.

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Oral sex with unknown, continuous 5month low grade fever, lymph nodes, sore throat, 107 da HIV eia negative HIV PCR RNA not detected, what other std?

NOT STD. As you have been told this is not an STD. But, it could be an infectious disease. That list is hundreds of possibilities long and will include testing for lymphoma, leukemia, other blood cell cancers, and all of the possible non-STD infectious diseases. It is time to sign off of the internet and to see your doctor for the appropriate testing or infectious disease consultation.