I had a breast biopsy last year in November. My left breast has swollen a lot to a size d. I don't know what to do. I'm holding off for surgery?

Difficult to answer. with specificity without more details. What kind of breast biopsy(i.e. needle biopsy vs. surgical), what was the biopsy performed for, and what were the results? In any case, if you are experiencing a new symptom or physical finding, see your doctor for an evaluation.

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I'm 32 years I have a lump in my left breast biopsy show complex fibroadenoma. Is surgery needed?

Ask your doctor. Appropriate management of a complex fibroadenomas is controversial. While some believe that complex fibroadenomas merit complete removal for histological examination, others suggest that they can be managed conservatively following core biopsy. They are associated with a slightly increased risk of cancer when multicentric proliferative changes are found in the surrounding glandular tissue. Good q. Read more...