I did my urine detail and urine culture test. The report is normal that means I don't have any kind of bacterial disease or prostate problem, or stdryt?

Depends on test. A normal urinalysis & urine culture suggests there is no bladder or kidney infection. It is not possible to comment on sexually transmitted diseases, as that requires additional testing & will miss diseases that require blood tests. Total honesty with the physician ordering tests is necessary, to be sure correct tests are ordered. Only barrier protection (condoms) can prevent STD during sex.
Not necessarily. Are you having any symptoms. Routine urine cultures will not detect atypical bacteria, viruses or fungi. If you are having any symptoms, or have a history of unsafe sex, get more testing.
Blood test? Not all STD show in urine. Some have to be checked by taking a swab sample from the penis and others show up in blood.