Rash spot on face for 2 months now have tried everything from anti tingle cream to hydrocorizone and nothing seems to make it go away. What is it? ?

See your doctor. If you have already tried over the counter treatments and have not seen a physician you probably need to be seen. If you have received prescription medications without relief, i would recommend a referral to a dermagologist (skin specialist) for further evaluation.
Dr. can evaluate it. A spot on the face may be eczema, especially if it is dry and itches a bit. A primary care doctor or a dermatologist (skin doctor) should look at it if it doesn't go away, or it worsens, with simple treatment. Sometimes the rash can be ringworm (a fungus) or some other disorder. Simple treatment of a spot means trying over-the-counter Hydrocortisone 1% cream three-times-a-day for about 5 days.