I have severe anxiety and depression episodes. Need to go to dr but get anxious over it. Can't stop panic attacks over irrational thoughts. What to do?

See your doctor . In order to get the help you need, you have to be seen. You can see a doctor in your area or schedule a HealthTap consult through the Concierge service with a KY licensed doctor. Medication and therapy are used to treat your condition. You will feel better and your quality of life will improve dramatically. You will be glad you obtained the help. After all, that's what we are here to do...help u!
Anxiety. The first visit is always the hardest, but it is the start of the road to recovery. After the initial visit, you will feel like you achieved something & received the help you need. Good luck 2 u.
Take Action. Bolster your courage. You already know what you need to do. Focus on the goal. The goal is to be healthy and not to suffer. You need help in order to do that. So - get help now. .