Can the physical symptoms of anxiety present themselves without the presence of anxious thoughts and feelings?

We can be anxious. and not be aware of it like when we get our blood pressure measured and it is high although we don't feel anxious. Our "Fight flight" response is working. Take a look at for a little technique to evoke the Relaxation Response. Peace and good health.
That can happen. You might not be aware of anxious mood but still experience the physical manifestations of anxiety. Take care.
Psychosomatic. Good question. Can you experience the physical symptoms associated with anxiety without having the subjective conscious experience of anxiety? This is not the case with Panic Disorder or Generalized Anxiety. I suppose it is possible with some psychosomatic conditions, for the person to experience a symbolic physical manifestation of their subconscious intrapsychic conflict. Ask a psychoanalyst:)
Anxiety. Possible, if you rule out medical causes such as thyroid abnormality, anemia, effect of medications, etc.