Am 24, my right side ear is paining and also my right side of head s paining for last 4 days, When am hearing loud sharp voice am getting pain.

Proper treatment. 24 year old female says "right side ear paining and also right side of head paining for last 4 days, when hearing loud sharp voice getting pain". Migraine/ Tension/ Cluster Head pains do not usually last 4 days, and with no history of trauma, Ear Infection seems to be a likely cause. For that best to have the MD check it out for proper treatment.
Eustachian tube. allows drainage of fluid from the middle ear, and equalizes air pressure on the ear drum. When the eustachian tube becomes blocked, usually from swelling due to allergies or from an infection, it can cause pain and sensitivity to sound. Steroid nasal spray (eg. Nasonex (mometasone) or Flonase) can help reduce swelling in the eustachian tube and may relieve your symptoms.
Exam.. Get your Ear and throat, sinuses examined by a primary doctor for Dx and treatment.