Is it true that sleeping on your belly will cause lower back pain?

Yes. Back extension is usually uncomfortable later in life.
No and yes. Many people sleep on their stomach and have no back pain. However, if you do have back pain, sleeping on the stomach may often make it worse. The best way to sleep for people with back pain may be on the back with a pillow under the knees, or on the side with knees slightly bent.

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Could sleeping on my stomach cause lower back pain the next morning and day?

Yes. Lower back pain can be aroused by a sleeping position not mechanically aligned with a person's anatomy and/or idiosyncratic chronic injuries. The wisdom of the body helps people to determine their best sleeping postures, as do the structural definitions of the sleeping surface. For example, people with one sacroiliac joint injury prefer sleeping on the opposite side with a pillow between legs.
Could. Certainly could be an issue. Try sleepin on your back with pillow under knees or side with pillow between knees. Chiropractic may be useful to align the vertebra fro stomach sleeping.

Does sleeping on your stomach help with your lower back pain?

I t can. Sleep position can make a big difference in terms of back pain, but can also contribute to neck issues. Should try and determine the source of your pain and consider a doctor, who may get you to a physical therapist.
No/yes. Low back pain is such a common problem no answer will suffice-but if sleeping on your stomach helps I encourage you to continue. It is not harmful.
Depends. Sleeping on your stomach can be better if you have a bad lumbar intervertebral disc, but you have bad lumbar joint arthritis your pain might worsen. This is because the joints compress with extension of the spine. The softer the bed the more extension on the joints. Lying on your side, or with one leg pulled up may actually be better.

My lower back pain is only at night changed mattress for better only able sleep on sides when moving frm side 2 side extreme pain unable to sleep on stomach or back stiff upon waking for first few min?

Back strengthening. Sleeping on the side is healthier for your back, while on the stomach is worse. Plan on starting exercises to build your back and core strengthening and flexibility, as well as your overall fitness. This might be all the help you need.

When sleeping on my stomach my ribs begin to hurt and I get extreme lower back pain that makes my stomach sick. Any idea why?

Your weight? If you have difficulty sleeping on your stomach, making it difficult for you to breath, straightening of your lower back causing discomfort, laxed lower esophageal sphincter tone, with a little reflux. I would recommend avoiding chocolate which relaxes cardiac sphincter-valve between stomach and esophagus and allows reflux) and sleeping on your back.
Many factors. Not sure. This is an unusual constellation of symptoms. I would suspect that this might be a postural issue. I would need more information to answer your question accurately. Are you obese? What kind of work do you do?

How can I relieve low back pain after sleeping on my stomach?

Different Position. There are certain lower back conditions that are aggravated by lying on your stomach. Altering your sleeping position, such as sleeping on one side with a pillow between your knees, would be recommended as a first step. Waking up with lower back pain may best be treated with some stretches in bed, heat treatment, or a warm shower. As with most conditions, prevention is more important.