Having loss of lordosis. Neck stiffness. Pain in left arm from neck to finger, back pain, ear pain, dizziness, headache, breast pain. Can it cause chest pain?

Fibromyalgia ? 22/f with neck & back pain, arm pain with radiculopathy, dizziness, headaches, and chest/breast & ear pains has symptom constellation compatible with fibromyalgia. The pain patterns cross several unrelated soft tissue systems. See a Rheumatologist for a diagnosis & an Osteopath for soft tissue differential diagnosis. .

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Can loss of lordosis cause left ear pain, with back pain and left arm pain?

No. Loss of lordosis itself could not cause ear pain directly. If you have a herniated disc in your neck, however, this may lead to severe neck and arm pain, spasm, and a loss of cervical lordosis. Consider an MRI if you continue to have problems. Read more...