S it fine to take glutathione 500mg, milk thistle extract 100mg, alpha lipoic acid 50mg, combined with d alpha tocopheryl acetate 400 iu?

Analysis. Why do you take all these items?. Where did you find such advice? Glutathione is a wonderful anti-oxidant, but does NOT cross into the brain, so of questionable value in bloodstream. Milk thistle extract has questionable benefit in most cases. Alpha lipoic useful in peripheral and central nerve disorders. You are far better off using mixed tocopherols, especially with gamma. See holistic doc.

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Stopped Milk Thistle + Alpha Lipoic Acid due to side effects, how long before lethargy from it wears off? My energy was great before and now crashing!

Milk thistle should. help, and not make it worse, and it's effects should be cleared within a day. See doctor if energy level is crashing. This is not normal, when you had great energy before. Read more...