Prego and since 10 weeks, experience dry mouth and throat, feels not enough saliva. Always have to sip on water. Is this normal during pregnancy, now 23 weeks, symptoma on going. What can I do?

Check with your OB. Healthy diet for 2, good sleep, and proper relaxation is a start. Never fail to see your OB to address any concern. Don't forget to see your dentist too.
Very common. Dry mouth is a common, although an annoying symptom that often pops up during early pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water is the easiest way to avoid dry mouth in the morning. Good luck!
Maybe. congrats on our new baby t come, anyway might be related to this pregancy due to hormonal changes unless side effect from some other medicine you might be taking like benadryl (diphenhydramine). if no other probably , ask your obgyn and may need labs to check for any deficiencies like thyroid or if gestational diabetes since this will cause frequent urination and dehydration. , your baby needs more fluids from you.