Hi, im 18 years old and my first symptoms were itchy vagina then I had white flakes in my discharge. When they itchiness and white flakes went away I got this terrible odor. Almost like fish and sewage. I've tried to go to the doctor but I never have time

See doctor. you must make time or go to an evening clinic or emergency room! Good luck!
Bacterial vaginosis? The most common cause of vaginal discharge with odor is bacterial vaginosis, an overgrowth of mostly normal bacteria. The odor is typically fishy. Trichomonas, an STD, also can do it. Also, gonorrhea or chlamydia often go along with BV or trich. Usually no itching with BV, but your first symptoms might have been a yeast infection; you could have both. You need to see a doctor; find the time ASAP.