Hello May I combine atarax with remeron for treating insomnia? Also can I combine atarax with inderal (propranolol) for treating anxiety?

Talk to your doctor . Combining your meds with other sedating medications is something you should do only after consulting your doctor. You can combine these meds. Just be careful and know that you should not drive after taking your medication. Also, avoid the use of alcohol with these medications. Combining these meds can make you very drowsy. .

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Hello I am taking atarax 50 mg for insomnia, but from 2 days my heart rate reaches 110 bpm. Is it Secure? What should I do? Should I take inderal (propranolol)?

Stop it. there is a recent warning issued re. cardiovascular problem associated with Atarax which tends to spend up the heart rate due to its anti-cholinergic activities. Avoid taking Atarax and probably also Benadryl (diphenhydramine) as a sleeping aid. You shouldn't take another medication to counteract the side effect from another. Avoidance is the key. Read more...