How long can someone live that's been diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer on average (beyond 5 years)?

Breast cancer. That is a difficult question. It is certainly possible. With treatment the 5 year survival rate for Stage I cancer is very high. Without treatment it would depend on the type of cancer, how aggressive it is, age and health of the patient among other things. I have seen advanced stage patient live a lot longer than expected and early stage patients die earlier. I would advise treatment.

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2-positive breast cancer stage 1 level 3 how much longer to live what to expect 70 years old?

HER 2? I believe you are saying a Stage 1, Her2+ tumor at 70 years old (please correct). This is a very favorable tumor with good treatments (Herceptin). The 5 year survival rates are over 95%. Provided this person is otherwise healthy, she should do very well. I recommend speaking with your oncology team and getting addition and specific information related to this case.

Could my immune system still be compromised 2 years after chemo and radiation for stage 1 breast cancer? I seem to get sick a lot now.

Possible. Talking about immune suppression is difficult because there are so many different mechanisms that can become impaired. Would go back to your oncologist and discuss your concerns. There are a variety of tests which can be done.
Not likely. Your immune system should have recovered in this interval. It is appropriate to have an evaluation by your physician to see what may be contributing to your problem of frequent illness.
See you doc. It is possible. You should discuss your concerns with your treating oncologist.

I had a stage 1 mic breast cancer, clear nodes, estpr positive, 5 years ago, would it have been necessary to remove 13 lymph nodes?

13 not needed. You said you hgad clear nodes. Removal of 5 or less nodes (sentinal nodes) mean that, if negative for tumor, the other nodes are also negative. Have not heard of a "magic" 13 nodes.
It depends. Removal of lymph nodes is part of staging procedure for breast cancer. This typically includes taking a sample of what is called a sentinel lymph node (sln). If the sln is negative for cancer cells then no more nodes need to be removed. If the sln shows cancer cells, then a complete lymph node removal is recommended. There is recent data that if the tumor in the sln is <2mm, one could avoid it.
Sentinel lymph node? Did you have a sentinel lymph node biopsy? Or evidence of cancer in your lymph nodes prior to the operation?
That depends. The standards are changing as to what to do with the nodes. The one agreement is taking the sentinel nodes. The remaining nodes can be left alone depending on circumstances. You can ask your doctor. A wise surgeon told me "the older I get the less I do and the better my results". He was right. Sometimes less is more.
Times change. It is now standard to do a sentinel node biopsy first and if a pathologist finds it is negative not to go after other nodes. However it was less clear 5 years ago that this was safe, and so many surgeons at that time did full axillary node dissections when removing a breast cancer. One can't say now that that was "wrong" as it was within the standards of care then.

Advice please? My 70 year old mom just got diagnosed with stage 1 level 3 breast cancer?

Depends. It depends on the size, lymph node status, estrogen and Progesterone status and her 2 status. Also if she as any comorbidities. A lot of variables. Hope this helps.

Her2-positive breast cancer stage 1 level 3 and 70 yrs old - how much longer can somebody expect to live?

A full lifetime. Stage 1 cancer is curable with appropriate treatment. With surgery to remove the tumor, and appropriate chemotherapy including herceptin, (trastuzumab) the chance of cure is very high. In someone age 70, the doses of chemo drugs might need to be reduced, but Herceptin (trastuzumab) is not chemo. Older people do well on it! It is very unlikely she will die from breast cancer if she gets good treatment now.

How long does 18 infusions of herceptin (trastuzumab) cover you for breast cancer grade 3 her+3 stage 1?

Life-long. Herceptin (trastuzumab) is a targeted therapy used to treat her-2 positive breast cancers. It is usually given together with 4 or 6 cycles of chemotherapy, then continued every 3 weeks for a full year. The treatment reduces the likelihood of a recurrent cancer, with the hope that the effect will be life-long.
Hopefully forever. In the us, the studies of Herceptin (trastuzumab) looked at a full year of treatment for patients with curable breast cancer. Herceptin (trastuzumab) is given every three weeks for 17 doses. But why a year? It was chosen at random. In finland, a similar study gave only 9 weeks of herceptin (trastuzumab)... And patients did just as well! So, after a year (or less) you are considered cured. You don't need more!

I was diagnosed on stage 1 breast cancer, what to do?

Get an oncologist, . ..Preferably in the setting of a multidisciplinary team. Stage I is usually very curable but you need treatment that may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy. It depends on the circumstances. God bless, fight well and don't give up.

How would I be able to tell it's stage 1 breast cancer?

Breast cancer stage. Is determined by size, lymph node status, and presence of distant metastases. So you would know only after examination by your doctor to determine clinical stage, and only after surgery to determine pathologic stage.

Anyone have stage 1 breast cancer with her2/neu positive er/pr negative?

Not Uncommon. In general, women w/stage I breast cancer have an excellent prognosis; however, this particular "mix" of receptors can be more aggressive. If the tumor is <0.6cm (t1a), no additional rx is recommended. If the tumor is >1cm (t1c), adjuvant chemo w/herceptin is recommended. For t1b tumors (0.6-1cm), chemotherapy should be considered, weighing in other factors such as pt age and health.
Yes. Breast cancers can be highly variable from one person to the next. Cell types and dna evaluations can be performed now that can help direct the best treatments for each person. Her-2 breast cancers may be best treated with specialized chemotherapy agent heceptin.