Surgery? Degeneration posterior horn of meniscus, tendinosis/partial thickness tearing of patellar tendon at interpolar patella, subcutaneous edema

When nonop tx fails. Surgery is not usually the first line of treatment for chronic injuries such as you described: degenerative (chronic) PHMMT, and patellar tendinosis (vs partial inferio pole tear). Nonoperative management: physical therapy, stretching program, NSAIDs, rest, ice, may all help considerably. Arthroscopy to debride a degenerative meniscal tear due to persistent mechanical symptoms may be needed later.

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29 y.O female. Diangosis patella baja following orif for ruptured patellar tendon (hardware placed). Surgery next week. What should I expect post op?

Ask doc. In general the skin takes 10-14 days to heal. The patella tendon portion of the surgery will take 6 weeks for the primary tendon repait o heal during which time you will probably be immobilized fr 2 weeks then braced adnallowed motion (rate limited by your surgeon) ultimatley will start muscle strengthening which may take 3-4 months. Read more...

What does hetergenity signal of the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus attachment root mean? What does the patella apex body mean? Please help

Likely meniscal tear. the imaging suggests that you have problems with the cartilage in your knee. If your clinical symptoms, e.g. knee pain, clicking with walking, are persistent, then these results indicate significant cartilage problems in your knee; You need an orthopedic consult to assess the need for surgery. . Read more...