Mini heart attack or pinched nerve, im 22, 5'11, 236lbs, smoker, junkfood eater, no exercise, shooting pain radiating from my neck, worsens at shoulder and shooting down into my arm and hand?

Radicular pain? You need to consult your Family Physician and get checked.At your age with the symptoms you described it is very unlikely to be due to heart problem And more likely from a problem with your Cervical Spine and may be a pinched nerve causing pain radiating down the arm Get your self checked and treated And advice to stop smoking and lifestyle changes for your eating habits and exercise.
Only A or B? I've never heard of a mini heart attack, but I expect your heart may not be as healthy as some 22 yr olds'. A cervical disc problem may be found, but I'm not happy trying to select A or B. You are heading down a bad highway and the pains and distress that you'll be heading toward make this look like a walk in the park. Please do comsider making changes. Talk to older folk about it life.