Pitting edema in legs, high BP, weight gain no change with diet, excessively tired, easily bruised/bleed, and lethargy. Help?

Internal medicine. Certain systemic (internal) disease states could account for the constellation of signs and symptoms described in this question. These include but not limited to nephrotic range proteinuria involving the kidneys, congestive heart failure, hepatic (liver) compensation, and thyroid disease. Consult your doctor as early diagnosis and treatment could improve the prognosis.
Pitting edema. Please see a doctor over the next 24 hours( doctor ER/urgent care). Pitting edema is never normal in a 23 year old or anyone . you need blood work to check you kidney function, blood work to check for autoimmune disease and need to check for clots in legs. Also need to check urine for protein. . See a doctor today.