What are the causes of pain on left side of abdomen?

Left ABD pain. Left abd. Pain causes include but is not limited to: ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, diverticulitis, endometriosis, inguinal hernia, ovulation pain, intestinal obstruction, crohn’s disease, abscess, ulcerative colitis, seminal vesicle inflammation, cancer, aortic aneurysm, renal infection or stone, injury, angina, heart attack, pneumonia, enlarged or ruptured spleen, pancreatitis & obstipation.

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What can cause pain on lower left side of abdomen?

Many possibilities.. Finding out the cause of abdominal pain is like solving a mystery: we collect clues from one's symptoms, history, examination+/- tests. Therefore, a "hands-on" eval is critical. In general, causes of left lower abdominal pain can include irritable bowel, diverticular disease, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, intestinal or gynecologic cancers, urinary tract infections, etc... Read more...

What woud cause serious pain on the left side of the abdomen this has been going on for 2 days with shooting pains continuous

Left . Left sided abdominal pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, including diverticulitis, kidney stones, ovarian issues ie cyst, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, etc. Make sure you see your doctor to get the appropriate testing based on his clinical impression. Read more...