What do I do for a sinus migrain? Eyes blurred, stomach churny, massive pressure in my sinuses, weak.

Sinus migraine. A sinus headache/migraine may be caused by nasal mucosal inflammation from flare up of allergies, a cold/uri, or bacterial infection. Inflammation blocks already narrow sinus passages so that airflow and mucus drainage are disrupted. Apart from anti-inflammatories for pain control, oral and/or nasal decongestants, mucus thinners, nasal steroid sprays, saline irrigations or antibiotics can help.
Sinus Migraine. Most sinus headaches are actually migraine headaches. The "headache" associated with sinus problems is more of a pressure sensation, dull-achy. Throbbing pain is more likely migraine pain or less commonly muscle contraction pain. Try using a decongestant, such as afrin, (oxymetazoline) at the onset of your next headache. If the pain gets better, you may be having sinus triggered migraine pain. See your doctor.