My upper wisdom tooth is coming in and it hurts, but it also is wiggly.

See oral surgeon. See an oral surgeon - the wisdom tooth expert for best advice. Sounds like it should be extracted.
See a dentist. When wisdom teeth cause problems or earache they need to come out. If you are experiencing pain, swollen gums, lymph nodes and it does not go away or if you find it difficult to open your mouth, you should see a dentist for evaluation, x-ray and wisdom teeth removal.
Ok. You're teething. Can't quantify how much it hurts or if OTC pain meds are helping manage the pain or if you need the tooth extracted. Call a local dentist for an appointment if the problem persists.
Unusual. Should not be wiggly. May hurt, that's why babies cry when they are teething. Best advice, see a Wisdom Tooth Specialist, an Oral Surgeon.