20 years ago bad ankle sprain. Today swelling on outside tissue only. Can hardly walk on it. Any advice? Ace wrap to bed? Ice? Buy a brace maybe?

Sounds like it's. time to reevaluate this ankle.I would suggest an Ortho consult.In the mean time,ice,ace bandage,flex ion/extension movement is preferred ( toe pointing and retracting) and antiinflamatories like Advil (ibuprofen).
Several problems. Several common issues can cause pain in your joint. You could have reinjured it. You could have gout, or infection or another arthritis or fracture. It is severe if you can not walk. I suggest seeing a doctor for evaluation, xrays and possibly labwork. Your suggestions will provide some relief until then-Ice, elevation and ace are good. No brace until you see a doctor and he makes a diagnosis.