I'm having trouble breathing through my nose. Even when I'm not "stuffy", it is still an effort to breath through my nose. Year round condition.?

Go to ENT/allergist. Nasal obstruction is very frustrating. If you have a nasal septum deviated this could be repaired with surgery. Otherwise you may try nasal sprays: nasal saline is the safest & cheapest, afrin for 3 days then stop ( only if not having angina and with good bloodpressure)prescription nasal cortisone or astelin. Try Nasalcrom over the counter. Decongestants in pill form with or w/o antihistamines.
Breathing problems. When you have trouble breathing through your nose year round, there may be a mechanical obstruction causing this. Usually surgery is required to correct. See a doctor who specializes in breathing problems of the nose.
May be septal. ...Deviation or polyp. Topical sprays or surgery will help.
Nasal Airway Problem. You should make an appointment for a consultation with an ENT or plastic surgeon experienced in nasal surgery. They can help you determine if there is an architectural problem with the nose that may benefit from surgical correction.
Look into it. There may be an anatomic reason for this that should be looked in to - enlarged turbinates, internal nasal valve collapse, etc. See a local plastic surgeon or ENT & have him/her examine you.
See an ENT. That is a common problem and could have many causes...Allergies, sinusitis, polyps, deviated septum, nasal collapse... These things can be treated, but each is treated differently. Your ENT should be able to both diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate medical and/or surgical therapies available to you.
Stuffy Nose. A variety of causes exist for nasal obstruction. These can be due to a physical obstruction that is stationary (septal deviation) and/or to a physiologic condition (allergy). Upon completing a full history and examination, ct scans to evaluate your airway as well as rhinometry and endonasal studies may better elucidate the cause of your symptoms. Nasal steroids & decongestants may help.
Need an examination. There are many causes of nasal congestion. A deviated septum is a common problem which means that the cartilage and bone inside is blocking the airway. Other problems with the nose structure may be at fault. Perennial allergy can cause swelling and congestion . See an ENT surgeon for an evaluation.