How can I reduce soft tissue sweeling from a tooth abcess?

Rx the infection. Thi infection is spreading from the tooth to the surrounding tissues, and will spread to other organ systems of not treated. You can get some temporary symptomatic relief from salt water rinses & NSAIDS, but must treat the abscesses tooth itself for a cure. See Dentist ASAP. Don't delay.
See a dentist. and have the tooth properly treated. The tooth is the source, the swelling is just the symptom. Treat the source not just the symptom.
Dental abscess. An ice pack can help, but what you really need to do is go see your dentist and get treatment on the problem itself. Antibiotics are probably the best palliative solution to the swelling but you need to fix the problem before things get worse and swelling spreads. Oral infections can spread and cause much more serious problems. Go see your dentist for evaluation ASAP. .
Swelling. see a dentist a out this. You can rinse out with warm salt water, use ibuprophen if you can safely take it. And get to a dentist asap.
The abscess must. be treated or the inflammation may spread and get worse. See your dentist as soon as possible.
Ibuprofen . Your dentist will get you on an antibiotic for the infection. This will help with the swelling as well as the infection dissipates. Ibuprofen helps with the soreness and inflammation. Make sure to see your dentist as some infections can get worse overnight. Hope this helps!
You need dental help. If you are already being treated by a dentist for this issue, give them a call.. an antibiotic or drainage may be necessary. If you're not being treated yet, now's the time to call for an appointment. Feel better soon...
Several things. Try applying cold to the swollen area as that is often helpful. Acute swelling sometimes requires drainage either through the tooth or by incising the tissue to permit drainage. Sometimes antibiotics are indicated. Get to a dentist asap to get it taken care of!
See a dentist. If you rely on antibiotics or other not a definitive treatment, the infection will come back. Dentist will treat a tooth abscess by treating the cause and getting rid of the infection. Do not delay. See your dentist ASAP. Good luck.
Tooth Abscess. This is a serious condition and should be seen by a dentist right away.
See your dentist. You need to see your dentist as soon as possible. You run the risk the infection spreading to other parts of your body.
See a dentist. right away! to address the abcess and stop the spread of infection.
Antibiotics. See your oral health care provider ASAP. In the mean time, Ibuprofen 800mg every 4-6 hours for pain management. Warm salt water rinses and ice pack in area of concern. Don't put this off, normally it will go away with time but it will return 2x worse next go around. As the infection gets large the supporting bone in the area can deteriorate causing a bigger issue for future treatment.
Contact DDS. Go see a DDS ASAP before it gets worse.
Treatment. See your dentist. Antibiotics indicated. The tooth may require extraction or root canal. If a soft tissue abscess forms, you may need to see an oral surgeon for drainage.
See Your Dentist. You should schedule appointment with your Dentist for Examination and X rays. Your Dentist will prescribe antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds.
See a dentist. You have to know the reason or source of the swelling to adequately treat it. Go to your dentist.
Rx Tooth Abscess. Good day; Dentist could incise and drain area. You could rinse with salt water. However; you need to have cause of abscess diagnosed and treated in thorough manner to resolve situation!
Long and short of it. Short term you can take antibiotics to control the spread of infection and reduce swelling, but it would only work while you are on the medication (and a few days after). And taking meds for weeks and weeks is not good for you (think super bugs...). Long term, permanent fix would be to have a root canal treatment done, or the tooth taken out.
Remove the source. If your tooth is abscessed/infected, you can either remove the nerve (root canal) or remove the tooth (extraction). There are NO other good solutions. It's like there is a splinter in your finger and you want it better--ice, antibiotics, pain-meds and any number of other remedies pale in comparison to simply removing the splinter.
See your dentist. It sounds like you could have a possible infection. Only a physical examination by a dentist can tell you this for sure. See a dentist immediately. Don't wait.
Treat the abcess. Usually antibiotics are the first line of treatment followed by definitive therapy such as extraction or root canal. Sometimes warm salt water rinses will sooth the area but that is only temporary. Untreated abcesses can cause more problems that you don't need.