Shoulder, elbows, hands, hips and knee joints hurt. No fever but often cold feel fatigue only illness is longterm tooth infection. Elevated ers/wbc.?

Chronic infection. You may be dealing with effects of chronic infection. Please see a Dentist for treatment. You're only harming yourself if you let this go untended.
Get tooth treated. Regardless of the other symptoms, I'd recommend getting your tooth treated. Oral infections can cause problems systemically.

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What besides rheum. Arthr. Could cause joint pain from jaw down to neck-should-elbows- hands-knees-toes plus pain on deep breath, fatigue? Appt sched

Many things. This could be arthritis but you do not describe swelling. This coudl be fibromyalgia. this coudl be other types of arthritis. Keep your appointmetn with the rheumatologist. Read more...
Mitochondrial. mitochondrial disorders cause multisystem symptoms, including muscle/joint pain, joint swelling, autoimmune disorders like rheum. arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders including dysmotility, significant fatigue progressive during day, signs of dysautonomia such as irregular, slow, or racing heartbeat, marked variation of body temperature, irregular blood pressure; deterioration of vision. Read more...