Went to er and said I dislocated my lunate bone in my wrist after a fall. They put it in a ortho glass wrapped it up. Still hurts to move my hand &arm?

Ortho follow up. You need follow up with Ortho/ Hand Surgery. Occult fractures are sometimes missed initially and there should not be pain in your arm.
See a surgeon soon. if your lunate bone is dislocated it has to be reduced soon or there will be a lot of swelling in your wrist amd bas consequences. Did they try to reduce it in the ER? Or did you get sent home with the lunate not reduced? In any case you should see a hand surgeon ASAP. You are certainly going to need surgery .

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I dislocated my lunate bone in my wrist on the 5th and when I was in the er, they didn't set it. Having more pain than before. Should I go back or no?

You can. If the main issue is pain you can definitely go back to ER if you do not have a primary care provider or an Urgent Care in the area. If you want to have yor dislocation fixed you need a hand surgeon or an Ortho specializing in hand injuries. Usually ER will give you few phone numbers in the area to call and see a surgeon in the office. Read more...