Can a upper tooth abcess cause pain in your ear and back of head and pressure feeling in head? I'm at the emergency room now but there taking forever

Yes it can. So can TMJ dysfunction, and impacted wisdom teeth. If your medical exam is WNL, see your dentist for an exam and diagnosis.
See DDS. Yes, this may be feasible. Go to your dentist for a definitive diagnosis and treatment. Unless the hospital has a residency program, it is doubtful that you will obtain true dental help, other than an antibiotic and pain medication.
Yes it can. An acute dental abscess can cause radiating pain throughout the head on the effected side. Make sure you see a dentist for follow up as the ER will likely only give you meds. The antibiotics will not solve your problem, only give temporary relief.
Tooth abscess. The ER will treat an infection with an antibiotic and some pain mess but most ERs are not equipped to diagnose or treat dental problems. You will need to see a dentist to treat your problem.
Of course. Besides problems within the ear itself, pain from the ears can be caused by dental abscesses or Occipital neuralgia. See your dentist or ENT to rule out ear infection.
Yes it can. When you have a bad tooth, you tend to avoid it when you close your jaw together like when you eat. The avoidance jaw movement unbalances your jaw and your jaw joint (TMJ) is right in from of your ear and can become tender. The imbalance can also throw off your chewing muscles and the superficial muscles in your head. You can experience pain in your temples as well.
Yes it can. But so can ear infection, TMJ, and many other problems. If ER determines your symptoms are from dental abscess they will place you on antibiotic and tell you to see Dentist ASAP. Pills will not cure abscess, just control infection until you get treatment. SEE A DENTIST!