How definite is it to get cervical cancer by HPV? 100%? Do all patients carrying the virus get it even with proper observation and tests? Is HPV fatal?

No. Not at all. HPV is dozens of different viruses and several of them make it possible for a woman to get cervical cancer. However, if you keep up surveillance, your chance of dying of this are near zero. And most women with these strains won't have problems, period. If you've not been immunized and have the chance, ask your physician about this.

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I was diagnosed with cancerous hpv. What is the percentage of women with this virus who actually do get cervical cancer from it?

Here are some... It has been known cervical cancer is associated with high-risk HPV, but it is unclear in the other way around because the duration with these HPV is an important factor to cause malignant change in cervix, usually 10-20 yrs, but such a change may never happen in life. To explore life reality, go to articles listed in Read more...