I've had rsi for 7yrs. I have pain & tightness with movement in upper arms/shoulders & recurring carpal tunnel symptoms. Will I heal eventually?

Possibly. Rsi or repetitive stress needs to be treated comprehensively, that is you need to focus globally i.E not just on specific components of the rsi like cts but on overall use of your body, everything from neck and shoulder posture, sitting positions, breathing and stress relief etc.. And not just at work, also at home, when driving, hobbies, sports etc.. Phase 1 is improvement, phase 2 prevention.
Reflex Sympathetic. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy is part of a category of complex regional pain syndrome type 1. It can resolve but as with your experience it can last for years. For best results it should be treated early. Delay can lead to tissue atrophy and tightness in the tissue due to contractures. This may be where you are. Evaluation, testing, exercise programs and medication are part of the therapy.

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I have r.S.I. For 7yrs & I have recurring pain & tightness in both upper arms/shoulders & also recurring carpal tunnel symptoms. Will it ever heal?

RSI can improve. Repetitive stress injury can take a long time to heal. Improper ergonomics and incorrect posture can be a contributing factor as well. Best treatment is appropriate stretching and strengthening as directed by a physical therapist, being mindful of posture, as well as taking breaks from repetitive tasks. Consider having your neck evaluated as a pinched nerve can cause similar pain complaints. Read more...
Maybe. I call this myofascial pain syndrome. It is characterized as chronic muscle pain in the neck & shoulder girdles which can radiate (referred pain) into the forearms & hands. It can mimic carpal tunnel, but it is not carpal tunnel. Best treatments: retrain & tend to your posture, strengthen scapular retractors, stretch scapular protractors, get restorative sleep. Massage & injections can help. Read more...