My throat hurts on the left side whenever I swallow something?

Symptomatic Rx. Most sore throats are viral pharyngitis. Check to see that you don't have an exudate on your pharynx or tonsils or enlarged lymph nodes near the angle of your jaws which could suggest need for a strep throat test. Viral pharyngitis should resolve without treatment in a few days. Take some over the counter throat lozenges and tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain relief. Antibiotics are not needed.

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23, smoking for 7mths. Whenever I swallow with my head down, right side of throat hurts. Pain feels lumpy/muscular. Possible throat cancer?

No. first of all, WHY are you swallowing with your head down?? Not a good practice and can lead to aspirating and coughing. Pain cannot feel lumpy or muscular so I really don't understand what you mean. Nobody can tell what you have without looking into your throat. It could be an infection, swollen glands or many things, but 7 months of smoking cannot cause cancer. See your doctor for exam/referral. Read more...