My right side of abdomen feels weird and I also have pain around my belly button. I thought it was appendicitis but I'm not having bowel movements.

NeedsToBeChecked for. Your symptoms may be due to appendicitisTypical pain of appendicitis starts from around the belly button and than gets settled in rt lower abdomen.And no bowel movement and loss of appetite,nausea/vomiting is common If concerned about Appendicitis which is a surgical emergency and is diagnosed by typical history&physical exam&blood count.Imaging some time done to confirm diagnosisCAT SCAN/ULTRASO.

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I started having cramps around my belly button and my pelvis and a bowel movement that was hard at first then it was soft and smelled. What is this?

Periumbilic pain BM. Has the pain resolved? Then may be just constipation. Do you get constipation often? Consider a glass of prune juice to have more softer movements. if pain has not gone away or has moved to right lower side go to ER to rule out appendicitis which is not uncommon in your age. . Read more...