What could be wrong if you have a low pulse rate but very high blood pressure?

A prompt evaluation. High blood pressure with a low pulse could be to due to a slow heart rate giving the heart has more time to fill so higher than normal volumes are pushed out creating high blood pressure. High blood pressure could signal your heart to slow down in an attempt to bring blood pressure down. There are other factors and prompt evaluation by a physician is indicated.

Related Questions

What causes a moderately high blood pressure with a low pulse rate?

Many causes. Many common causes include: -a diet high in fat and cholesterol -not exercising regularly or not exercising hard enough -being overweight -a family history of high blood pressure -tobacco use -stress -some birth control medicines -kidney and hormone problems. Read more...

Is a low pulse rate with high blood pressure dangerous for an elderly woman?

Depends. Low pulse rate associated with symptoms or below 50 without meds probably requires some investigation. The degree of BP elevation determines how "dangerous" it is. In elderly patients it is often reasonable to accept higher baseline bp's rather than to push medications. If i can get a BP down to 140/90 range without side effects in an 80 year old I am generally pleased. Read more...