How effective is digoxin (Lanoxin) for managing atrial fibrillation?

Digoxin. we have used it for hundreds of years, recently it has been falling into disfavor. It needs to be used with great care and this may be why recent usage problems are seen. It is an ancient poison so it can't be taken lightly.

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How effective is warfarin (Coumadin) for managing atrial fibrillation?

Warfarin. Warfarin doesn't manage atrial fibrillation. It is an anticoagulant we give to afib patients to decrease the possibility of their having a clot form and cause an embolus to the brain or other part of the body. Read more...

How effective is cardiac monitoring for managing atrial fibrillation?

Afib. when you are dealing with afib monitoring can tell you the rhythm and rate pattern of the heart. This is a great help in decision making. Read more...