Is there in any way possible for someone to be cross eyed forever? I hope not. I've been thinking about it lately, really bugging me.

Exceptionally. Most misaligned eyes can be treated to produce binocular vision, either by prism or surgical correction. In some less common conditions, such as paralytic strabismus, traumatic, or from a central nervous system cause, the misaligned eyes may always be misaligned. An ophthalmologic examination is the best starting point for diagnosis and management. Good luck. .
Yes. Is it possible? Sure. Some have an issue with alignment of the eyes, generally through asymmetry of the eye muscles or misalignment due to loss of vision in the eye, called amblyopia. Normally we try to catch this early. If the eye works well, just off center, surgery can be done on the muscles to realign the eyes. If there is significant discrepancy in how the eyes see, it needs correction early.