Feeling lots of pain in his arm and chest. But the EKG said it wasn't a heart attack. So what could it be?

Multiple. Ekg is one element. Any blood test? Can have enzyme release with non ekg heart attack. Gi tract, lungs, ribs can all cause chest pain. Get evaluated.
Chest pain. There are many causes of chest pain, the heart is but one, intestinal gas and thoracic musculoskeletal pains are very common, anxiety and panic attacks likewise are frequent causes. You should always ask the doctors who see you what they think is the problem you came for and what to do about it.

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Ekg normal. Enzymes normal 2 days ago.. Yet having chest pains arm tingles lite sweating heart rate not below 78. Can it be a heart attack?

Not likely cardiac! Perhaps anxiety or gastritis. With recent normal ekg and enzymes, good possibility your problem is anxiety related or gastritis tract ie heart burn. At your age, cardiac problem unless strong-family history is low on my list. Go to store and try otc Prilosec and see if this helps. If boy, see your pcp and discuss treatment for anxiety or further work-up. Panic attacks can mimic many things. Read more...
Heartattack unlikely. At age 27, with normal ECG and normal enzyme levels, a myocardial infarction (heart attack) is highly improbable. The first pains of coronary artery narrowing (called angina) typically occur with exertion and are relieved by rest. If left untreated, eventually anginal pain may start to occur even at rest. Most likely, your symptoms do not represent a heart attack. Read more...