I have celiac disease and wonder if corn is causing my stomach to feel like I'm having an episode?

Celiac. There is no gluten in corn, however it is also possible that you are sensitive to corn.
Cross reactions. Many with celiac will also demonstrate antibodies to a variety of foods. These can be found through specific testing available in several labs, including Cyrex in Phoenix. Cross reactivity to agents like coffee, corn, chocolate, egg and others are all found occasionally. Symptoms are often dose (amount) related, where a little doesn't bother but more will. Keeping a food diary can help.
Corn / Gluten? Corn does not contain typical gluten and is generally considered safe for those with celiac disease. However, if feel you are having an episode you can cut out corn and see if things improve. If you are having an episode it is important to see your doctor and work with them to try to pinpoint the cause.