I'm using allergan (combigan and ganfort) for an advanced glaucoma. Are these the best drugs for treating glaucoma, or are there better ones?

Glaucoma. Both combigan and ganfort are combination drops. Both contain timolol which would be unnecessary duplicate therapy with potential for side effects. This maybe something to address with your eye doc. However, it is often difficult to suggest alternatives in advanced glaucoma if a regimen is already working for you...a sort of ' don't fix what's not broken' approach. Good luck.
Glaucoma. These antiglaucoma medications, among others, are very effective at lowering intraocular pressure. As long as you are monitored by an Eye MD, your eyes should be greatly benefited. At times medications may be adjusted or other treatment modalities maybe instituted if your glaucoma is advancing. These may include laser treatment or incisional surgery. Keep up good diligence in your management. .