Weak, sugar drops, lost eyebrow hair, swollen lumps in throat, weight gain, heat intolerance, blood work fine! Could I still have a thyroid problem?

Wrong question. Your comment "blood work fine" does not allow any speculation about this. The details are the essence of the entire thing. Which tests? Exact lab results? You need a competent DR to spend time with you to have a chance at a diagnosis. Probably you need DRs in several specialties, including endocrinology. Your listed symptoms are far too few for even a guess. A knowledgable Dr will have dozens of q.
Yes but.. Your symptoms suggest either an endocrine problem (must test for thyroid and adrenal function) or a nurition/gastro-intestinal problem such as malnutrition, excessive vomiting or diarrhea (loss of fluids and nutrients). Check all these out!