Why do I have pimples?

Why Pimples. Depends upon you age; whether you are male or female. For all my acne patients I recommend you to stop nuts and peanut butter. Stop chocolate; cut down on dairy products. Wash with neutrogena acne wash and apply a bpo (benzoyl peroxide) cream or lotion -- something like clearasil -- on the affected areas at night. If it persists, see a dermatologist who may prescribe an oral antibiotic for you.

Related Questions

Why do I have pimple looking rash on my anus area and thighs?

Rash. The rash may be due to impetigo because of poor personal hygiene when wiping youself when you go to the washroom. Apply an antibiotic ointment to the rash. If not better in. Few days consult your doctor.

Why do I have pimples on my chest how can I porvent that from happening?

Pimples. Many hair follicles contribute to acne in this area. See a dermatologist who may suggest benzoyl peroxide products or other antibacterial medication.

Why do I have a pimple on my gum? I have a white small bump that looks like a small pimple on my gum and it hurts

Mouth sore. Sometimes when we get a small cut in our mouth, it can get hurt as it is healing. When our gums heal, the are is often white. A white bump on the gum should heal quickly, if it continues to be painful or grow in size, then consider having a physician or dentist take a look at it.

Why do I always have pimple breakouts even though I drink plenty water or wash my face often?

Unrelated. It's simply not true that acne is related to inadequate water intake or poor hygiene, and I am sorry somebody told you this. If your acne isn't kept at bay by topical benzoyl peroxide as tolerated, get with your personal physician.

Why do I always have these pimple type spots on my scalp why do these last so long and hurt always fill will gunk daily?

Infected. Sebaceous cysts probably what you have. Need antibiotic for staph infection. See your docor. If you want this to discuss with me shoot me an e-mail click this --> https://www. Healthtap. Com/experts/12714048-dr-vahe-yetimyan.