Does olive oil reduce cholestrol?

Yes. Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fat and has been shown to increase your good cholesterol (HDL) and lower your bad cholesterol (ldl). It does not mean that you can replace olive oil with your other oil and constantly eat fried/greasy food. The liver will see this as just a mass input of fat and eventually this will be detrimental to your health. You should visit your pcp and come up witha a plan.
Olive oil. It is better for you than saturated fats which are fats that are solid at doom temperature to use as a substitute in the diet.

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Is the extra virgin olive oil helpful to reduce cholestrol? What is the best way to use it?

No & daily. Extra virgin olive oil doesn't reduce cholesterol. However, multiple studies of mediterranean diet demonstrate benefit in a number of domains, eg all-cause mortality, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, etc. Recent study suggests that you need to consume quite a bit of it for benefit: http://alvinblin. Blogspot. Com/2013/05/mediterranean-diet-vs-loss-of-memory_23.Html.
It helps. Extra virgin olive oil has unsaturated fatty acids, which are good fats. If you use for baking or grilling or in salad, it is good. If you fry or deep fry unsaturated fa becomes saturated which are not good.