My recent chest x Ray said atherosclerotic tortuosity of aortic arch and descending thoracic aorta. Is this of any concern.

FURTHER W/U NEEDED. Usually the thoracic aorta will dilate slowly with age. If it is apparent already you need a determination of the size. A thoracic echo and possible TEE. To evaluate thoracic anatomy. And an abdominal US to evaluate abdominal aorta. Then consult a surgeon a surgeon for further recommendations as needed. You will need to monitor your blood pressure and keep it under tight control .
Not usually. Usually with age tortuosity of aorta occurs related to atherosclerosis. As long as aorta is not dilated then complications such as aortic dissection are not present. Dissection is usually symptomatic, painful. The aorta tortuosity was most likely observed coincidentally and chest xray performed for another reason.