I'm really struggling to eat healthy any tips?

Eat good food. You will need to recalibrate your tastebuds. A fresh orange is better than orange soda. Grilled chicken tastes more of chicken than breaded and fried. There is a lot of good healthy food, so you shouldn't feel you're denying yourself. Simply-prepared fresh food helped me drop 50 lbs over about a year. Furthermore, i rarely longer crave addictive foods like tater tots and simple carbs.
Fresh. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and lean meats, plenty of low fat diary products, no added salt, make food (e.g. Soups, stews, efc.) from scratch with no added salt, avoid processed foods. Lastly make sure you limit your caloric intake to get to or maintain a healthy body weight (body mass index 23-25 kg/m2).
Aversion hypnosis. Healthy eating is easier if you realize that you are bombarded by advertisements that make burgers, fries, and pizza seem good for you. There is a nice youtube video under "aversion hypnosis" that can keep you away from junk food. Then focus on veggies fruit grains and proteins.